January 13-14, 2024 | Ft. Wayne, IN

We are aware of the potential winter storm in Fort Wayne this weekend, we are still planning on running the tournament as scheduled.

Register on AES

Schedule and Results will be Posted on AES

Match Protocols
• Team will stay on the same side of the net for the entire match
• There will be no pregame or postgame handshakes

2024 Ticket Sales: 6 and under free

Friday, January 12th
Pre-sale from 6:00-8:00 pm  at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum 

Saturday & Sunday
Ticket Office Opens at 6:30 am, 7am at all other playing sites
Ticketing: $15 single day admission & $27 2-day admission

Parking at the Coliseum:
Single entry – $8 / day
Single entry RV/bus- $16 /day
There will be ample seating provided at all facilities. There will be no outside chairs allowed in any of the playing sites. 


Team Check-in:
There will be NO onsite check-in this year.
Check-in will be done online in AES. 

General Info:
Players and coaches will be allowed in each site for free
Teams are responsible for their own balls for warm-ups
Numerous food options will be available at the coliseum and concessions will available at both Empowered, OPS, McMillan Center and Northside High School. No outside food or drinks at any of the venues. 




2023 Results  Champions Runner-Ups
11 Club
Decatur Force 11 Teal JVC 11
12 Club Redline 12 Black Empowered OVC 12 Onyx
12 Open Team Pineapple 12 Green TI Thundercats
13 Club Decatur Force 13 Aqua COA 13-Jaguars
13 Open-Premier Empowered 13 Elite Black Decatur Force 13 Teal
14 Classic NIVA 14 BLACK TI Elite 14.3
14 Club COA 14-Vipers Empowered OVC 14 Onyx
14 Open-Premier Empowered 14 Elite Black TI Elite 14.1 Ohana
15 Classic Decatur Force 15 Teal Impact Legends 15 Blue
15 Club SEIVB 15 Elite SCWave 15 Crush
15 Open Team Pineapple 15 BlackLJ TI Elite 15.1
15 Premier Circle City 15 Black Sharks 15 Royal
16 Classic Sharks 16 Blue TDV 16National
16 Club Empowered OVC 16 Onyx Redline 16 Black
16 Open Team Pineapple 16 Black Epic United 16 Elite
17 Club Redline 17 BLACK Five:1 17-White
17 Open Team Pineapple 17 Black TI Elite 17.1
17 Premier Sharks 17 Royal ATHLETE HQ 17 – YOUNG
18 Club Team Pineapple 18 Green BFirst 18-1
18 Open-Premier Team Pineapple 18 Black Inside Out 18Mizuno Black